The ability to see and be seen is vital to safety. Fortunately, most lighting problems are relatively uncomplicated and easily corrected.

The Problem Is Caused By What To Do


One or more lights don't work, but others do Defective bulb(s) Replace bulb(s)
  Blown fuse(s) Replace fuse(s)
  Dirty fuse clips or light sockets Clean connections
  Poor ground circuit Run ground wire from light socket housing to car frame

Lights burn out quickly Incorrect voltage regulator setting or defective regulator Have voltage regulator checked /replaced
  Poor battery/ alternator connections Check battery/ alternator connections

Lights go dim Low/discharged battery Check battery
  Alternator not charging Check drive belt tension; repair or replace alternator
  Corroded sockets or connections Clean bulb and socket contacts and connections
  Low voltage output Have voltage regulator checked /replaced

Lights flicker Loose connection Tighten all connections
  Poor ground Run ground wire from light housing to car frame
  Circuit breaker operating (short circuit) Check connections and look for bare wires

Lights "flare"- Some flare is normal on acceleration- if excessive, see "Lights Burn Out Quickly" High voltage setting Have voltage regulator checked /adjusted

Lights glare- approaching drivers are blinded Lights adjusted too high Have headlights aimed
  Rear springs or shocks sagging Check rear springs/shocks
  Rear tires soft Check/correct rear tire pressure

Turn Signals

Turn signals don't work in either direction Blown fuse Replace fuse
  Defective flasher Replace flasher
  Loose connection Check/tighten all connections

Right (or left) turn signal only won't work Bulb burned out Replace bulb
  Right (or left) indicator bulb burned out Check/replace indicator bulb
  Short circuit Check/repair wiring

Flasher rate too slow or too fast Incorrect wattage bulb Replace bulb
  Incorrect flasher Replace flasher (use a variable load flasher If you pull a trailer)

Indicator lights do not flash (burn steadily) Burned out bulb Replace bulb
  Defective flasher Replace flasher
Indicator lights do not light at all Burned out Indicator bulb Replace indicator bulb