There are many charging system problems you can fix yourself. This chart will show you which ones you can fix and which ones require professional service.

Problem Is Caused By What To Do

Noisy Alternator Loose mountings Tighten mounting bolts
Loose drive pulley Tighten pulley
Worn bearings Have bearings replaced
Brush noise Have brushes cleaned /replaced
Internal circuits shorted (High pitched whine) Have alternator replaced or overhauled

Squeal when starting engine or accelerating Glazed or loose belt Replace or adjust belt
Indicator light remains on or ammeter indicates discharge (engine running) Broken fan belt Install belt
Broken or disconnected wires Repair or connect wiring
Internal alternator problems Have alternator overhauled /replaced
Defective voltage regulator Have voltage regulator replaced

Car light bulbs continually burn out-battery needs water continually Alternator/ regulator overcharging Have voltage regulator/alternator overhauled or replaced

Car lights flare on acceleration Battery low Charge or replace battery
Internal alternator/ regulator problems Have alternator/ regulator overhauled or replaced
Low voltage output (alternator light flickers continually or ammeter needle wanders) Loose or worn belt Replace or adjust belt
Dirty or corroded connections Clean or replace connections
Internal alternator/ regulator problems Have alternator or regulator overhauled or replaced