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Service Name: 60,000 Mile Service

Service Description:

Perform 60,000 mile preventive maintenance service.

Service Specifics:

  • Maintenance Guide 

    The recommendations given here are general industry standards and may be different from your manufacturer's schedules. Please refer to your owner's manual for factory recommendations. Not all cars will have all equipment or systems listed. 


    • Engine oil

    • Engine oil filter

    • Air filter

    • Fuel filter

    • Spark plugs

    • Engine coolant

    • Transmission fluid and filter (if equipped)

    • Timing belt (if equipped)


    • Fluid levels, top-off as necessary

    • Air pressure in tires, adjust as necessary

    • Brakes

    • Battery, clean and tighten connections as needed

    • Front and rear exterior lights, correct as needed

    • Engine accessory belts, adjust as needed

    • On-board computer system for diagnostic trouble codes

    • Engine tune-up specifications, adjust as needed

    • Emission control devices for function, correct as needed


    • Parking brake

    • Clutch (if equipped)


    • Tires and check spare-tire air pressure

Things to Know or Ask About Your Job

  • You should refer to your owner's manual for specific service requirements on your car.


  • The actual cost of this service will vary due to factors such as the condition of your vehicle, your climate, your geography, and your driving style. Your Service Provider has the knowledge and expertise to make the final price determination.

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